May 10, 2008

Ahleuchatistas - What You Will (2006)

Why I don't bother with descriptions:

"Third and best yet from this amazing instrumental, post-Beefheart, avant-technical, improv-core, math-metal, art-damage, punk-rock power trio from Asheville, NC. Using the simple and classic skeleton of guitar, bass and drums, these three make powerful music that is undeniably 'rock' but is also undeniably much wider in musical influences than what one would imagine in such rock-based work."

Try it - .mp3, mediafire, 200 kbps (VBR)
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achilous said...

i noticed you are promoting achilous.blogspot. i really appreciate that. i added you to my favorites. you think you can do the same? thanks again and take care. =)