May 11, 2008

Encrypt Manuscript - Dialogues (2004)

This band just released a new album called Census, but I would feel terrible if I were the one leaking it. I mean, I've never done that before. Regardless, I feel that I must promote them anyway, so here's their first EP, which is just as good. It'll remind you of At The Drive-In, or some other such band, except the angular guitar riffs are smooth and groovily jazzalicious (dig?), as opposed to being dissonant and distorted. Sometimes they actually execute both simultaneously.

In any case, there are four tracks from the album Census streaming on MYSPACE for you to check out. If you dig it enough, consider purchasing the record. There are only five-hundred pressed, and the packaging is pretty sweet, so it's definitely worth it.

On the other hand, I might consider uploading the new album if enough people download this EP. So there's a little incentive to spread this around, I guess.

Try it - mediafire, .m4a
Buy it!


Anonymous said...

Man, I really wish the singer wasn't hunched over like that with his hand on his ass. Ugh.

Patrick said...

Photo changed to protect your delicate sensibilities. Also, if anyone knows where some clear album art can be found, comment with a link to it!

Anonymous said...

hey dude can you re-up the HELLA Acoustics EP please ?

oh, and have you their other Ep named Concentration Face / Homeboy ?

many thanks in advance ! great blog !

thanks for Ahleuchatistas too.

achilous said...

patrick, thanks for puttin this up dude. i never heard them before you put this up. if you have the new album, is there anyway you can send it directly to me. i wont put it up if you dont want me to.

alex said...

oh man, just discovered this blog and the description made this the first thing i downloaded, and it's AMAZING. ughhhhhhhhh need the new album really bad. thanks for putting up such good stuff.

////k said...

oh such a good band. I own the LP. these guys should be on Crimethinc.

Tom said...

yeah, i would love to have this full length. really would. haha.