May 21, 2008

Piglet - Lava Land (2005)

Sadly, the only release from an incredibly talented band. Fans of Owls, Tera Melos, and Maps & Atlases will be blown away by this. If comparisons alone don't convince you, stream a few tracks HERE.

Try It - mp3, mediafire


Anonymous said...

thank you downloading

Aarón said...

Long Live Math Rock!

achilous said...

one of my fav shirts was a piglet shirt. it was stolen =/

achilous said...

also, this is not the only release. they put out a 7" with little bubble remixed.

Lucas said...

Hey! This is great!
I'm from Brazil and there's a lot of good stuff i'm getting into because of your blog. This album is one, for example.
Thanks a lot!