December 23, 2009


For Long Tomorrow

"The Long Tomorrow" is the title of a futuristic short comic written by cyberpunks. Though i've never read it, clearly it's inspired some diverse shit... first the timeless classic Blade Runner (<--sarcasm), and now Toe's latest album. Sorry I took my time putting it up, but you know. finals. and stuff.

For those of you not familiar with Toe, they're Japanese prog-rock/post-rock instrumentalists. They sometimes mince their music with vocals. Other times (read: now), they disappear for 3 years and then reemerge with an amazing album. If there's a bone in your body, you'll gulp this shit down. I might not be able to decipher half of the titles, but that hasn't stopped me from bumping both parts of モスキートンはもう聞こえない pretty hard.

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