December 23, 2009


Teebs 09

I don't know too much about this, other than I couldn't recommend it more highly. I wouldn't be posting this so soon after hearing it, except that its been a while since the last time I was compelled to listen to an album twice in a row. I really can't find any information about this particular release anywhere -- a Google search of "Teebs 09" basically brings up a bunch of forum and blog posts not unlike this one. Crazy shit, man. Just get this, okay?

Sounds like equal parts Four Tet, Gold Panda, Flying Lotus, and just a pinch of The Avalanches.


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Charlie G said...

Quite right. This is a wonderful little release from Teebs. Very soulful and dreamy. Something for everyone. His remix of 'Todo' by Devonwho is just as nice and in a very similar vein. Can't wait for more of this.