January 29, 2009


I have not posted for over a month. I am making up for this today.

A good amount of the following albums were discovered on MORAL ADVENTURE (link on the right). So I guess maybe that's cheating.

O Lucky Man! - When I Was Young I Would Type Your Name Just To See It In Front Of Me
Sounds like Hella and Cap'n Jazz. Listen HERE. (Note: That page lists the album as having 7 tracks. The actual album only has five of those.)

Chromatic Flights - Favorite Cat
Sounds like: Dntel; Passion Pit?; Animal Collective. Listen on
Myspace. Also, check out his other band, Blind Man's Colour.

Animal Collective - Stuart Marconie's Freak Zone (BBC Session)
Includes new track "What Would I Want Sky" and a cool version of "Lion in a Coma".

Eric Copeland - RGAG
A collection of leftovers from various sessions.

Pocahaunted - Gold Miner's Daughters
One of their best releases so far.

Super Minerals - Multitudes
Sounds like Barn Owl, Grails, Pocahaunted. This is a no-brainer. Get.

Teeth Mountain - s/t
Like those three bands I just named, except somehow upbeat and almost, dare I say, fun. Listen on Myspace

Fantastic Magic - Witch Choir
Nathan from Wavves with a few more folks playing folky lo-fi stuff before Wavves.


Andrew said...

nicely done patrick.

really diggin' the new AC track.

Anonymous said...

Supreme post, man. Excellent goodness within