January 12, 2009

Kylesa - Time Will Fuse It's Worth (2006)

On a recent post I made I got a request to look out for their '09 release (due out March 17th, and I will definitely keep my eyes open for it for you guys) and I had realized that I have never listened to them despite them getting recommended to me on occasion. It reminds me of Mastodon (one of my favorite bands and one of the best metal bands out there right now) mixed with sludge and some awesome post-hardcore sounding segments. The dudes and gal (yes, there is a girl in this band, fuck yes) in the band come from the anarchocrust scene which means they have some awesome political lyrics. They also have two awesome drummers. God, as I speak I feel as thought I am listening to A Silver Mt. Zion. Now I feel like I am listening to some psychedelic rock. Now I feel like I am rocking out hard to this sludgy riff. Now I am in fucking love.
EDIT: Fall in love.

Download - Mediafire, 320kbps
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Anonymous said...

hey! i think yr blog is great. keep up the good work. do you know if you can get yr hands on the new appleseed cast album - sagamartha. ? It's supposed to drop in feb

Anonymous said...

At the moment I am unable to find it, however I shall keep my eyes open!

Anonymous said...
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Flower Noise said...

Fantastic band.... very original and heavy...!!!