January 12, 2009

Orchidectomy - Demo 2005

I found out about this band, actually, in 2005. However, back then I only liked metal that had a breakdown that I could karate kick to ALL THE TIME. Thus, they quickly got deleted being too brutal for my little punk self. Anyway, recently I asked my friend if he could send it to me again. He did, and I am digging it a lot. They are brutal death metal in every sense and have been praised by the likes of Wormed, whom they are heavily influenced by. I heard they have had an album in post-production hiatus and it was flying around somewhere in the bowels of the internet. I found it finally and the recording quality is not so good. Upon further inspection I found out that the version flying around right now is unmastered. I am going to wait patiently for the mastered one. I also heard they broke up from some dude's shout on last.fm. The band's name is the scientific term for castration.

Oh yeah, their drummer slays and he is 16 at the time of this recording.

Download - Mediafire, 128 kbps
I would gladly show you where to buy it if I knew of a link that existed.


Tara said...

"I also heard they broke up from some dude's shout on last.fm."


You should also include in the description what the band name means.

Anonymous said...

Haha, yeah, how could I have forgotten about that?