September 14, 2008


The Return of the Wood M'Lady (1995) 192kbps

Dirt Pirate Creed (1996) 192kbps

The Man, The King, The Girl (1997) 192kbps

Holdypaws (1999) 192kbps

Koalamagic (2000) 320kbps

My Pal Foot Foot (2000) Single 256kbps

Halfbird (2001) 256kbps

Reveille (2002) 320kbps

Apple O' (2003) 320kbps

Milk Man (2004) V0(VBR)

Green Cosmos (2005) EP V0(VBR)

The Runners Four (2005) 320kbps

+81 (2006) EP V0(VBR)

Friend Opportunity (2007) 320kbps

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ill-formed said...

niiiice :)

Gumo Ga said...

all the links are down at the moment. they'll be back though, right?

Suco de Cérebro said...

great blog here guys
would like to see more punk/folk/weird hardcore
thx a lot for sharing
linked to suco :)

Patrick said...

This is a lot. I'm not a huge fan, but I do have Apple O' and Friend Opportunity (not too impressed by either) and just listened to Offend Maggie today, which got me re-interested. What would you recommend?

Tara said...

I love The Runners Four and the Green Cosmos EP is great, too. I haven't actually listened to any of the stuff released before Apple O' yet. I'm with you on Friend Opportunity though.

Anonymous said...

the man the king.....?

Gumo Ga said...

apple o might be my favorite or runners four.