September 16, 2008

Exhaust - Exhaust (1998)

Exhaust is an odd band. The best way I can describe them is through their page at Constellation Records:

"Exhaust is a bass, drum and tape trio that crashed through various Montreal venues in a series of semi-controlled explosions during the mid-90s, with an early vinyl release on Constellation appearing in 1998 (issued on CD two years later). As other projects began to dominate the players’ schedules, Exhaust have played only sporadically since 1999 but re-grouped in the summer of 2001 for a short tour and month-long cabin retreat, where their second album was recorded.

Aidan Girt (drums) mashes up beats and samples with his 1-Speed Bike alter-ego, was drafted by Godspeed You! Black Emperor in 1996, and has now settled in a cabin in the woods after a couple of years spent splitting his time between Montreal and Amsterdam.

Mike Zabitsky (tapes) was a sound recordist for film and amateur brewmeister before starting his own brew pub in Montreal in 2002. He is currently renovating a building using poured-concrete molds.

Gordon Krieger is a sound artist who has worked with improvised shortwave signals in Radio Orchestra, music for Mac voice, and an ongoing erased tape project. Miraculously, he continues to work for CBC Radio’s Brave New Waves."

This is that first release they speak of. Enjoy!

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