July 21, 2008

Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck's name describes the reaction I have whenever I hear their music. They are from Canada and they have a very unique spin on their genre. In their Wikipedia page's words;

"The band uses live instrumentation and miscellaneous instruments and non-instruments (including a 35 mm film sequencer, toy keyboards and toy phaser guns) to achieve electronic-sounding effects without the use of laptops or programmed backing tracks."

They improvise on a lot of songs live. This is gonna be kinda confusing because both albums are named "Holy Fuck", but the first is their debut album, with the second being their most recent.

Holy Fuck - Holy Fuck (2005)

Holy Fuck - Holy Fuck (2007)

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Anonymous said...


Mr. Smith said...

Good call man, good call.

Anonymous said...

Fucking nice band! Awesome .......

Patrick said...

Holy Fuck, indeed. This is a lot better than I expected.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoy them. :)