January 28, 2008

Sainkho Namtchylak - Stepmother City (2000)

Sainkho is a Tuvan throat singer, and though I couldn't begin to adequately explain what throat singing is exactly, it's incredibly interesting and she has a range of seven octaves. Her music has too many influences to list, but it's often jazz-like and improvised.

Comment if you actually download this and enjoy it and would like more of her work.

Try it - 230kbps(VBR), .mp3, mediafire
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elyse said...

hey, great blog- clicked through via LJ. thanks for all the samples!!

alex said...

I won't lie, I was creeping your lastfm last night and saw you listening to her, and after reading about her and Tuvan throat singing, I was really interested in hearing some of it, so thanks so much for uploading this :) I'd definitely like to check out more.