February 21, 2011

Millions of Dead Cops

MDC - Multi-Death Corporations

Released in 1983 by Crass Records. An EP consisting of four angry fucking tracks. Classic hardcore with a social message that was laid out in full with the literature inserted in the vinyl. One of the best things to come out of Texas. Kurt Cobain was arrested with this band's tape in his pocket. Interested now? Huh? Fuck you. Nothing that came out recently is better than these four tracks.


Anonymous said...

oh sick, they mention these guys in the voice recordings of the first crucifucks lp. thanks.

still, i think you're wrong. insurgents 'fad cash ep' shits all over this and that was put out less than 6 months ago

Anonymous said...

pretty sure he had a tape in his pocket?
rad blog.

Anonymous said...

Upon further inspection; yes, he had the tape in his pocket. POST EDITED.

Also, just downloaded Insurgents, will listen after this paper has been written and will get back to you on that.