November 01, 2010

Sean McCann

Handcrafted drones and noisy discussions between folk instruments during holiday dinners at Sean McCann's secluded cabin in the wilderness. // Discogs

Phylum Sigh
(2009, DNT Records)

Open Resolve
(2010, Stunned Records)

Chances Are Staying
(2010, DNT Records)


j said...

i like what you do. I think we have sympathetic tastes. Would you mind posting a link?
I would really appreciate it.
Keep up the good work. This Sean McCann post is fucking sick!

bodo said...

which is your favorite?

Patrick said...

Chances Are Staying is the most consistent -- which is easy to say, because it only has four tracks. But the other two have their moments of bliss. A Wind In Their Way and Lower Decks are two of his drone-ier releases that are also worth checking out.