August 27, 2010

Beast : Beast (2008)


At some point, I downloaded a song from this album called "Devil" and then proceeded to never actually listen to it.

Fortunately for all of us, today Devil came up on my shuffle. I was floored. I immediately looked up the rest of the album and was similarly impressed. Combining elements of dark cabaret, trip-hop, and funk, Beast melds the electronic and the acoustic to create a unique musical experience that is equal parts Grace Jones and Anticon darling, topping the entire affair with alluring French-Canadian accents.


Nick! said...

oh my godddd how are there no comments on this it's incredible!

Ren said...

For real. This is so fucking cool. If you find any more of their music PLEASE, PLEASE post it.

phil said...

just listening to mr hurricane on their myspace - hmm, a bit of la jack white about his phrasing? good stuff - cheers!