February 24, 2009


I've been receiving Emails from some really great musicians offering me their music in return for sharing it with you guys. I wouldn't think twice about sharing! Enjoy!

Brother Sister Records
I LOVE this artist. He's like Japanese folk street music. Just check it out.

Veracruz - S/T
Real interesting folk from Spain. It's pretty intense.

M. Pyres - Consider Me, Ghost
Nice album, it's noisy/folky/goody. You can find everything on FTU on the DWNLDS section on their website.

Mimas - Cats On Fire .mp3
Video for Cats On Fire
They just released an album in the UK, and it has received some positive attention. This song is real tight, and the video is even better.


Smallfish Records
Sample Songs

Ambient acoustic music. Pretty good stuff. The samples from the Smallfish website are in the mediafire link.


C said...

you should just upload the music and tell us what you heard that makes you think its worth a listen. Otherwise I feel like your doing a job or a favor and its a total turnoff....

Anonymous said...

I am doing a favor, but only if I enjoy what I hear. I genuinely enjoy everything I post on here. I have been listening to Hirasakana Oyogu and Veracruz like nonstop the past few days.

I promise you I wouldn't post anything on here if I didn't enjoy what I was hearing and wanted the rest of you guys to enjoy it as well.

weirdwig said...

Checking out Hirasakana Oyogu's stuff, thanks for the rec!

Anonymous said...

No problem, hope you like what you hear!

Vincent said...

I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me the track listing for Veracruz. I was trying to fix the ID3 tags and lost which order the tracks go. Thanks in advance