October 12, 2008

The Watery Graves of Portland - Portland (2007)

Adrian Orange does drums for this project. That's mostly why I found it. It also includes Curtis Knapp on piano and Davis Lee Hooker on bass.

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Anonymous said...

Best music blog. EVER.

Anonymous said...

Is this band called The Watery Graves or The Watery Graves of Portland. The former has an album called "Portland", however the latter doesn't (according to last.fm and iTunes). This is merely technical, but I'm down with proper scrobbles.
Thanks for the download all the same!

Tara said...

The label's site (Marriage Records) lists the band as The Watery Graves of Portland, so I went with that. Last.fm and iTunes are often incorrect, anyway, especially when it comes to little-known bands. Also, you're welcome!