November 17, 2008


In lieu of actually posting anything new, I'd like to call your attention to some other blogs that I've been stealing from lately. There must be something wrong with me, because I just typed "bean sleeting" several times. Uh. Onward.

The following blogs are lovely, visit them. I've also listed several artists (and some specific albums) from the pages of each that I'd recommend. I haven't linked directly to the posts that contain their albums, of course, because that would require effort. And I am lazy enough to be doing this instead of writing an essay.

Sunflower Chakra Milk - (Pocahaunted - Chains; Barn Owl; Wet Hair; Natural Snow Buildings)
Ill-Formed - (Religious Knives; Christina Carter - Original Darkness; Krallice; Wavves)
Experimental Etc. - (Albert Alyer; Ornette Coleman; Eric Dolphy; Black Dice; Jackie-O Motherfucker)
Aerophones and Aeroplanes - (Raccoo-oo-oon; a whole bunch of shit, I dunno man, just found this blog yesterday.)

Disclaimer - Some of this stuff, I haven't actually listened to yet.


Peter said...

Hey thanks for the cool stuff you got up, can't wait to hear it!
One request - I got disc 1 of the Vashti Bunyan demos, but disc 2 is not available, it says...any chance of a re-up?

Gumo Ga said...

thanks for thanking me for upping that pterodactyl album, lol. would it be ok to ask you to add me to your blog list?

andres said...

Storm And Stress link is bad :(

lostmonster said...

I'm sad.

jossip said...

I don't consider this sort of operation sleeting. I am getting a little number of my own going over here ( To give back to the community that bean good to me.